"Kickstarter" suggestion

Posted on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Subjectively, it seems to me that quite a few bug fixes have been put on the back burner while a push is made for some profits.  Okay, business is business.  But as a player, it is a wee bit frustrating.  So I have a suggestion.


Have 'kickstarter' type donation options for various bug fixes AND upgrades.  Players want to be able to design the carrier fighters?  Set up a donation box to pay for the time it will take to make that happen.  Players want fleets to have permanent names?  Set up a donation box.  You could allow players to set up their own donation boxes for things they want to see, although that could get messy.

This would also (somewhat - obviously not all players have the same cash resources) help determine what issues or updates players most want worked on or addressed.  Obviously if something is suggested that you don't want to ever happen, you can just state that from the outset: "Sorry, but we don't plan on ever doing that, so we won't be accepting donations for it."


As an aside, I'm noticing quite a few typos in the diplomacy dialogue.  The word 'time,' for example, has an 'e' on the end of it.