[MOD] [FACTION] Jews in SPACE ! 1.02

Posted on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Did you see Jews in space ?


Mod Jews in space is faction mod that add Space Jews to the game.

Promotion video


*Custom ship set
*Custom star base set
*Custom shipyard
*Custom UI color
*Custom ship color scheme
*Custom map color
*Custom ANIMATED leader portrait
*Custom technology adviser animation
*Custom soundtrack that include:
1. War
2. Peace
3. Battle
4. Invasion
5. diplomatic relation (neutral/hostile/friendly)
*Custom starting setup

*Custom race treat
*Custom Main menu
*Custom intro, yes even intro is custom

About concept

Faction was based on 3 things:
-le happy merchant meme
-movie "History of the world part 1 -
-movie "The Mad Adventures of 'Rabbi' Jacob" -

Faction in the game

This is not easy/op/uber/etc nation.
Race abilities:
Productive -2
Fertile -2
Popular -2
Tough -2
Influential +2
Economical +2
Content +2
Traders +2

Jewish banking - additional 50 bc turn
50% better resistance
Starting population - 6 mld
Basic terran tech tree, 10k money and one freighter (x2 engine x6 life support)


Main Menu

Game 1

Game 2



1. turn on intro and music in the game

2.extract "Jews in space mod.rar" to:

X:\My Documents\My Games\GalCiv3\

3.extract "Jews in space additional.rar" to:
X:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Galactic Civilizations III\


5.Profit !

Remember to use option "Extract here" when you place archives in specify above location.


if you want to update just clear folder X:\My Documents\My Games\GalCiv3\Designs and remove Jews in space folder from X:\My Documents\My Games\GalCiv3\Mods any other files (if you are asked) just overwrite.

Download Link
(Make sure to download both)




Changes :


-fixed crashes in shipyard designer

-added some missing ai ship designs


-added ship style visibility in game, when you create new race

-new custom trait : Jew Gold. It's add +50 bc each turn

-added icon for ship style color set

-now 2 link easier to instal version

-edited spelling


-First release




Please, if you have higher resolution than 1366x768 post some screenshots in this thread.

Used copy rights material

-le happy merchant - leader animation -
-Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob 1973 - sicience screen and loading
-History of the World Part 1 1981 intro -
-Grajmy Panu - Anna Szałapak - Anna_Szalapak_psalm.mp3
-Droga do Emaus – Wielbi dusza moja Pana, mego Boga - Droga_do_emaus_Wielbi_dusza_pana_moja.mp3 no youtube link sorry :/ - Śpiewa Izrael cd
-Eliezer Szeibone beit chamikdasz - no yt link sorry - Śpiewa Izrael cd
-Hava nagila - Hava_nagila.mp3
-Nina Stiller - Chalil li no yt link sorry - Nina_Stiller_Chalil li.mp3 - Śpiewa Izrael cd
-Shira Choir Sings New Song At Bar Mitzvah - Shira_Choir_New_Song_Bar_Mitzvah.mp3 -
-Through Poland To A Jewish Village Throught_Poland_to_a_jewish_village.mp3

I remember dev streams that claim you can't add custom videos to the game, because it's coded with bink 2. Good news

everyone ! Use rad video tool (free) and just change *.bik to *.bk2. Limiting factor is that some videos need to be

made in exactly same resolution. If anyone have any questions about this mod just feel free to contact me here or on

reddit - /u/iroks.

When I make this mod I had no intention to offend any actual Jews.