More feedback on Precoursor DLC

Posted on Monday, December 14, 2015

Greetings folks, This post is written in Comic Sans because Nasellus loves it! 

The Precoursor DLC~ 

Great job! I love it....however. As previously posted we do need to cut the number of precoursor anomolies and put like 1% in any galaxy as compared to size. On an insane map set to occasional I got 25 and still counting. After 3 I was so ultra powerful with Money, Influence and production, (3+ raw to all planets)  or (+50% gross income to all planets) that after 75 turns I was sitting at 2500 faction power while others were 600.  So reducing the perks they give somewhat (cut credits given in half, reduce percentage perks to 20% instead of 50, and reduce the number in any galaxy size to like 1 or 3%)

This does not count the 7 precoursor worlds I founded. 

The worlds need the pop cap reduction either removed or toned down. Instead of 50 food reduction how bout 25 or 33%? Also please reduce the number of these precious worlds as well. Remove or reduce the food penalty and reduce the amount of worlds to really be only one of each type PER MAP!,  would make them REALLY valuable but really rare. I would start a war to get one to be honest.

Thanks for a great DLC!

Happy Monday!