The 'new' AI - what have you seen?

Posted on Thursday, December 3, 2015

Just wondering what other players are getting out of the new AI? I have not seen much difference other than planetary builds (which are better).


The AI doesn't seem to fight with other AI's in a meaningful way. They focus on parking their ships in my territory even when at war with others. When they do fight eachother it rarely results in planets actually changing hands (other than via culture flips).


The AI is building and using fleets, which is nice. When they are at war with me (and in range) they can be formidable, sending wave after wave of ships  my way. Nothing overly concentrated, but a steady stream of ships to be sure, and usually maxed out logistically.


On defense, not so great. It understands the need to group together for offense, but on defense I catch individual ships all the time.


The AI does not upgrade starbases other that economic and mining rings as near as I can tell. This is new, it used to do that.


I should note I only play on the two biggest map sizes, so not sure how much that influences my results.