Deimos' Indepth Suggestion Thread

Since nobody seems to be interested in a Complexer Intel System, I'll just stuff all my suggestions in here.

Posted on Monday, November 30, 2015

Most important thing about this thread is that I think a lot about what I suggest, potential problems in my suggestions and their solutions and/or alternative implementations and I never suggest something because of realism, I suggest what I think leads to better or more interesting gameplay. I update this post very often since it takes me a long time to write everything down and if I have some new thoughts I'll also update it. I've also already done multiple passes for formating so it's better to read, but that's an ongoing process with all the updates. If someone has questions or anything be free to ask I'm happy to answer and get feedback from others.

More coming soon... now not now, but whenever I have time.

Update: Spoilers as anti-great-wall-of-text-messure. Btw spoilers are a bitch to use in html based forums.
Update: Denial of Area Section added
Update: Energy Systems Section added
Update: Started to add the different fast travel suggestions and a new addition to EEE.

Intel Sytems Expansion


Basic Concepts: [Show]


The Modules:

Ship Modules: [Show]

Starbase Modules: [Show]


The Treaties: [Show]


The Research:

 I'll leave this one for later as it's difficult to explain without pictures.


The Scenarios: [Show]


Problems and Solutions: [Show]



Vast Space Rework:

The Vast Space Rework is composed of three main components:

Solarsystems and Vast Space:

The new Flow system for sensors and lifesupport:

and a Lifesupport overhaul:



Tile Logistics: [Show]



Enhanced Environmental Effects: [Show]


Improved Terraforming: [Show]



Custom AI Difficulty: [Show]



Denial of Area:
fixed Sentry, Interception and Gravitywells

Reaffirm move on enemy reveal: [Show]

Sentry Fix: [Show]

Interception: [Show]

Gravitywells: [Show]

Research Branch: [Show]



Reactors/Energy Systems: [Show]



Better Diplomacy
I propose a two part improvement consisting of:
Modular Trade, Treaties and Threats:
Coming sometime...hopefully soon

A Matter of Trust:
Coming sometime...hopefully soon



Stargates/Warpgates/Hyperspace routes/Wormholes/Somesort of fast travel

Okay as there are a lot of different ways for this I'll just post multiple versions but that doesn't mean all of them should be in the game at the same time.
Most of them draw inspiration from different scifi universes and not the actual GalCiv universe.

The first one originates from a novel or rather a trilogy called "Der Antares Krieg": [Show]

The next suggestion is based on the fast travel routs from freelancer, the X series and all similar games:
Being continued sometime...hopefully soon



Something about SpaceBattles



Maybe some thoughts about Improvement and Population...