QoL request.

Posted on Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Altarians are upset.

The asked me to destroy 'Capro 1 Starbase immediately', which of course I did not.


When I went to the Starbases tab I could not find this Starbase. It was not alphabetical. It was not able to be listed by any regular means. It could have be 'Generic Starbase without a name but She was pretty clear it was 'Capro 1'


If you are going to have the AI request me to destroy something please SPLIT the screen (so I can see where it is), or some means for me the player to figure out where this Starbase is. On insane maps I have 100's of Starbases and this may or may not have been a mining one I could have given up. As it is  now, I have NO idea where it is, what it is or if any ships are stationed in it (which of course go away if I destroy it).


Just need to be able to make a choice with more information.