How random is random?

Posted on Thursday, November 12, 2015

Playing a game on Insane map, 6 gifted Random Majors, abundant Minors.

When you pick the number of Random Majors you want in Game Setup, a number of logos equal to that picked are turned inwards so you can't see them. Does that mean that, for example: You pick 6 Random majors and 6 logos are turned in. The remaining ones that you see are the logos for the Terran, Drengin, Yor. Does that then mean that you will not have the Terran, Drengin and Yor as opponents?

Has anyone tested this? Yep, a small complaint in the scheme of things but it does - if I'm correct in what I'm suggesting - mean Random actually isn't that random and there's no excitement of "Who're my lovely new neighbours?" because you know at Setup...

Edit: Found out the answer. I wasn't scrolling the icon list completely and all 9 Major Race Logos still show. So it is random so far as I can see...