Map failing to load and crashing when loading up custom ship set. Any help?

Posted on Tuesday, November 10, 2015



I have followed a few tutorials and set up a custom faction with a custom ship set. However, this crashes the game in the galaxy building screen. I've been quite thorough with the xml files, so I can post up the text if need be.


The only two things I can think of are:


1. Two of my templates I renamed in the design folder. Didn't touch the unique code that is affixed to custom ships, but removed underscores between nouns. This is the first thing I will test as it seems the most likely issue.


2. Saved the designs as my custom faction, but I am unsure. My custom faction draws its base parts from the Drengin ship set, so how would resaving them as Drengin make any difference when they're both derived from the same base ship-set style?


Has anyone else had a similar problem? Any tips? Tricks? Insight? 


First time modding anything, so any help appreciated!