Dear Stardock: Will you ever finish this game?

Posted on Monday, November 2, 2015

I've been a customer of stardock for a while. I liked Galciv II, despite its flaws, i bought it and all its expansions. I bought fallen enchantress and the legendary heroes expansion too

I had really hoped that Galciv III would fix those flaws, and finally make it into the game it deserved to be. You're so close to being king of this genre. I bought this game in beta to support it, and while i was disappointed at things i saw then, i held hope that it would be sorted.

It has not.


I'm not going to write a laundry list of problems here, someone else has already done it for me, so i will link to their review instead:

I will however mention one specific issue. The Autodispatch for constructors does not allow us to select a cheaper, stripped-down constructor ship that we designed. This makes the feature worthless, and thus leaves the biggest problem unfixed in both this game and galciv II; That the lategame is an endless drudge of spamming constructors and starbases with constant micromanagement

A combination of bugs, and terrible design decisions, are crippling this game. I regret purchasing it now, i don't play it anymore, and won't until most of these things are resolved.


This is my interest popping up randomly for the first time in a couple of months, it'll swiftly go away again. I'll probably come back to check on it every now and then.

After about another year from now, i'll have forgotten this game. At least until stardock releases something else. And when you do, i'll remember what a mess Galciv III was, and not buy it.

Fix it, or you've lost a customer permanantly.