Are people who demand the wheel back selfish?

Posted on Sunday, November 1, 2015

I remember reading that Frogboy or somone said that only a minority of players ever fully utilized the wheel. In fact, in its current state, the game's economic mechanics work for the majority of players. Everytime I come to this forum, economic debates litter it. Instead of seeing Frogboy and the other devs free to discuss other improvements such as cooler invasions, diplomacy, espionage etc that the MAJORITY of players will be able to appreciate, it seems like this ranting minority has dominated the conversation about the game so much so that all that's discussed is the damn wheel.

It is entirely selfish to harass a developer to waste valuable time finding fixes to appease this minority and thus taking away time to develop features for the majority. As a non-anal retentive, non-min/maxer, non-hardcore player I believe that I firmly fall into the majority of players who would like to see the developer ignore any more posts about the wheel and move on.