Make the plantary control wheel a race trait! (please read before dismissing)

Posted on Friday, October 30, 2015

I mean, the official reason for it's removal is: "No civilization functions where last being can be assigned a job by the government." -Frogboy


Now think about all the science-fiction you know about, every single race... is this true? I don't think so.


Let's take Star Trek as an example: The Borg are a hive mind with one queen who decides literally what every body else does... Wouldn't they have the wheel?

What if Q would decide to become the ruler of an entire race just for fun? You think he couldn't make everybody in his civilization do what he wants them to do at the moment... and make them good at it? I most definitively do.


Or what about the Leviathans, Reapers and Geth from Mass Effect?


I say, make it a Race Trait!