1.4 First Impressions

Posted on Friday, October 16, 2015

Hey there. I don't often sit and just play the game, but for 1.4 I really wanted to sit back and enjoy seeing my custom races duke it out and dominate the galaxy.

So I started a game in 1.4 opt in. Setup a game with about 16 races, on immense, and occasional stars with abundant planets of all sorts. Decided to go with Normal difficulty.


WELL DONE! Its not a flashy update, but its a solid improvement of the experience. 

1) The AI is definitely much much better at managing planets. 

2) The AI is sending bigger fleets. They still tend to have a straggler here and there, and the ship designs seem unchanged... their penchant for 1 engine is really holding them back, but all in all, its much more fun to beat on their fleets and not as easy as before.

3) The governors seem to do a decent job building out a planet. My only gripe, is that it doesn't seem like they dictate the focuses, and I hate that the governor selection is in a different screen than the rest of planet management, and I have no easy way of seeing what governor is assigned to what planet. It would be great to be able to right click on a planet in any list or the galaxy map, and select a governor that way.

4) Many of the AI players in my game stalled out and only grabbed like 4-5 planets, I think it was pirate related, or the fact that we got space monsters as a mega event quite early (before I had researched small hulls even). I'll be lowering pirates in future games, I was playing on Common. 



Ding Dong the Wheel is Dead. And I know that is contentious, some people consider it a catastrophe, but I am thouroughly enjoying myself and am way happier with focuses and governors. If I could just set these focuses and governors from the colony list or on the galaxy map instead of having to dive into the menus (and please someone correct me if I'm wrong and missing something) I think it would be near perfect.


Does GC3 still have issues? Yes. Diplomacy really needs a lot of love... the AI is really obsessed with thinking I have colonies in their borders when I do not... the default ship designs need love, there are strange bugs here and there, Starbase spam is still a major issue, there is no shipset editor or mod support via Steam Workshop...

but this version of the game, it what I expected more or less, at release and I'm very happy with how its playing. My empire has outstripped my enemies and I can see the potential for a tougher game to win, so its time to start a new game with better settings for the number of AI I played with and gifted difficulty. Wish me luck.




How about you guys?