So, why is this Shrouded World swallowing my empire?

Posted on Friday, October 16, 2015

So, I have twice their planets (8 v 4), a nice juicy 13, +influence techs, and a multiple round advantage to build up some culture....

They have a 13 Shrouded World (-25% influence), plus a 7 just next to it.  Both 13s with a pop of 8ish.


Their culture is expanding like a wave.  Nothing shall stop it, not my culture starbases, not the multiple culture buildings on the world, not the fact that I've been slogging culture every round, eschewing buildings in favour of "moar culture!".


Fast forward to turn 110, i've got 2.4 culture per round, they've got 2.3, I'm still being swallowed.


Their capitol is gradually being exposed, yet this Shrouded World, with influence penalties galore, is a cultural juggernaut.

Am I the only one seeing this?


Also, yey for very bland first 100 turns, now that I can't change anything.  Like watching paint dry.