MEGA EVENTS DLC - Frequency Issues

They Happen Too Soon

Posted on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Just picked up GALCIV III - loving it so far.  Been a fan of series since the first game.  

However, I am having a few issues with MEGA EVENTS.  I ending up disabling Mega events because they happen so often very soon in the game and they completely mess everything up.  Getting Dreadlords or PeaceKeepers before you start researching weapon techs is a little much and IMHO wrecks the whole game.

It would be nice to have setting on when they can occur (ie - mid to late game)  or more controls then just rare.  I have played about 5 games where an early epic event happened every time (set on rare) - so I eventually to set it to none.

Am I missing something or is this indeed a problem for others?