1.3.[x?] noticing couple nice AI improvements

Posted on Thursday, October 1, 2015

I've been playing the snathi & trying to get a handle on them mostly, but have noticed a couple nice ai improvements

  • They seem much more likely to use starbases to expand their range to the other side of a neighbor well before colonization is complete (a good thing)
  • Races trapped against the wall in a pocket of another race seem much more likely to reach out that way than races who get lucky with a nice big glob
  • several staggered  savegames here from an immense map with 30ish races loose clusters  here & common planets/pirates on game 3 possibly game 2 saves.  Game 1 I believe is all campaign, game 2 was learning what not to do, game 3 I'm wtfpwn'ing the ai while they suck on my unmentionables.

On the downside, I've noticed that rush tolerance to get embassies results in redonculous gifts to the point where I'm 168 turns in and almost always have over 1000 credits despite having the slider 0% econ.  instead of ai factions constantly begging for money & techs they are always giving me money and techs.  the snathi 3 series of saves does just this and it's startling just how little the ai cares about this.  

While going heavy military results in the ai pooling resources like the above to  let someone have a gigantic military while laughing at you if you offer them nonagression & such without having an improvement to diplomacy... doing the same with diplomacy through embassy, the ai's fall all over you.  disturbingly enough, it seems like none of the ai's are interested in war with -anybody- in this game while the crazy military buildup without rush embassies almost always causes a lot of wars between neighbors without you even needing to intervene.  

Rather than essentially having the equivalent of north korea, iran, afghanistan, etc, etc, etc saying "oh NOEZ! teh russians have a giant military! lets tell china, japan, the US & Germany, & the UK!"before they all collectively give a regular boatload of cash to say... france to triple russian military spending and have france declare war on russia.  Instead.... they should say "Oh noez!... teh russians have lots of military, but:"

  • "They are very far away!"
  • "they care about the fact that north korea is always threatening to declare war on them for ideology differences"
  • "I'm making sure to stay friends with $otherFaction with it's own giant military helping to defend me"