Galactic Civilization III v1.3.2 Changelog

Posted on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

*** Release 10/1/2015 ***

+ Increased maximum multiplayer map size to Gigantic
+ Fixed a problem where peers were not updating their heartbeat while loading the map and thus causing a disconnect.
+ Fixed a problem where all of the players would choose "ready" but the host could not start the game.
+ Separated the networking and loading processing to different threads to prevent timeouts while starting the game.
+ Prevented a multiplayer disconnect issue caused by the player spending the Thalan's bonus tech points in the first turn.
+ Fixed a few stuck turn problems
+ Fixed a lobby crash when the faction data got out of sync.
+ Fixed weirdness in the lobby when restoring save games that would create extra player slots, potentially preventing the host from starting the game.
+ Fixed a problem where a peer would click ready, but the host would never get the message and could not start the game.
+ Addressed a disconnect problem with player ship data and different languages.
+ Addressed a problem where the game host would timeout when peers were joining the game.
+ Multiplayer games now display the language of the game's host
+ Restoring multiplayer games with players with different language settings no longer crash
+ If the game does not have permission to write to the "My Games" directory, the game provides information on how to address the problem instead of crashing.