Carriers were never overpowered

Posted on Sunday, September 20, 2015

I have read posts on carriers being overpowered however they are not. A history lesson is in order. World War 2 between Japan and the USA. Battleships were the thing to have in World War I but a few well placed torpedoes or bombs from a small group of planes on warships sinks them. When aircraft carriers became part of the fleet battleships became more of a target than a tide turner. Italian Battleships got nailed by old English bi-planes during World War II. Google the battle of Taranto for info on that encounter. Close to the end of WW2 the superbattleships of Japan were no match for fighter planes. The Japanese fleet was feared until they lost their carriers in the battle of Midway. Japan lost the offensive afterward. So yes sending a battleship or three battleships against a carrier in GC3 is suicide just like it is in real life. No modern naval commander would do such a thing. Once Japan lost their carriers it didn't matter they had the superbattleships and they knew it. Battleships in GC3 are meant to put holes in other enemy ships, starbases, and space monsters. With space age targeting tech you may very well hit those small fighters with your massive proton cannon but do you have enough proton cannons for all the fighters being launched against your fancy ship? And don't forget each fighter may have Lancelot beams and stingray torpedoes mounted to its tiny insignificant frame which altogether cost about 1/100 the price of your feared ship.

The only reason their was a battle of Yavin was the death star had TIE fighters to take on the rebel fighters. The Trade Federation Battleships didn't do a whole lot of damage to the Naboo fighters. The droid fighters did the damage to the Naboo fighters and the Naboo fighters blewup the Trade Federation battleship.

In the real world when an area needs policing an aircraft carrier is sent to the region.

When a carrier with fighters destroys a battleship things are as they should be. When a carrier without fighters destroys a battleship somethings wrong.