[MOD LIST] Hereward's Faction Mods - Version 1.2

Posted on Friday, September 11, 2015

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Naeb Aggregation


The Naeb Aggregation are a peaceful aquatic race driven by the necessity to adapt and colonise other worlds as their aged homeworld slowly cools and freezes.

For an eternity they have lived a secluded live in the deep oceans of their homeworld, Mineer. Unfortunately their world is growing old, is growing cold. As the sun grows dim their world has been slowly freezing and thick ice covers their great oceans. Whilst the rest of the galaxy ignored their frozen and apparent lifeless world, they developed great scientific achievements powered by geothermal energy, but the core of their world has begun to cool also. Now they have had to adapt their technology to live on the surface of their world as the ocean's ice grows thicker.

With a desperate desire to save their ancient race they channeled their scientific pursuits to adaptation and space flight. With powerful ships laden with their watery environment, they venture out into space looking for other worlds to colonise.

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Pharaonic Malignity


Having heavily polluted their homeworld with the consumption of hydrocarbon fuels the Pharaonic Malignity are now looking for other worlds to colonise or conquer.

Their homeworld is depleted of coal, oil and gas. The warming atmosphere is causing the release of methane from the once frozen tundra, the swamps of prehistory. But they will find new worlds and take all the available resources. If they are already colonised they will lose themselves into the sea of people and infiltrate that worlds elite. When they have the power to rule they will send their mighty fleets to subjugate the people, the people lost and without hope.

They are an ancient people, productively and economically astute. They channel their output towards military production and can tender large fleets. Before using their fleets, however, they will employ tactics of influence and diplomacy to acquire their goals.

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Rwaddi Shrewdness


The Rwaddi Shrewdness are a race of arboreal primates more at home on their jungle world of Juelow than they are at spacefaring.

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Stratus Urbanites


The Stratus Urbanites are a peaceful race relying on tourism and trade. They have fully utilized scientific techniques in the construction of their cities and orbital trading facilities.

They live on an arid world with twin moons. Their homeworld of Triea draws tourist from afar to view the amazing cities that appear to float and by night the skies are laden with the romantic views of twin moons. The cities are actually anchored to stone buttes that rise up from the desert landscape, a feat of science and architecture. The twin moons provide excellent orbital facilities for interplanetary traders to easily transfer cargo which, combined with the planets tourism, has led to great prosperity.

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Version History

  • v1.1 - Minor tweaks for GalCiv3 v1.6
  • v1.2 - Update to Rwaddi Shrewdness


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