Gameplay Example: Psilon

Posted on Friday, September 11, 2015

Hi all,

I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to show off some gameplay examples of how the game actually looks for the player. So the Devs can go "OMG, what have you done to our game?", and players may find it interesting to read too.

For this particular gameplay, I have choosen the Psilons, a race from Master of Orion 2. Thanks to the customization abilities of Gal Civ 3, they can rise from the ashes. I play on a large galaxy, gifted AI in 1.21.

I have downloaded their race from the Steam workshop, but have edited it to my liking. I imagine them to be good researchers first and formost. As you can see on the left side, I have downloaded a lot of custom races from the workshop.

These are my galaxy options:


My game settings:

I like to have a slower tech progress, so decisions of what techs to research are of greater gameplay importance. I also disabled tech brokering. United Planets and Galactic Events right now are more unnerving for me than useful, so I have them on a rare to occassional basis. I completely deactivated ressource frequency, because I also find that concept unnerving. The precursor artifacts on the other hand, are like the ressources from Gal Civ 2, so they are important for me.

Finally, lets talk about the races I have selected for this game. As I said, I like to use a lot of custom races mixed together. Here we have the Torian Confederacy from Gal Civ 2 and the Korx, The Meklar and Alkari from the Master of Orion 2, the Earth Alliance and Shadows from Babylon 5, the Kilrathi Empire from the Wing Commander Series and finally an own race, the "Order of Victor" from the Underworld movies. To fit them into a science fiction universe, I imagine that human settlers caught a strange plague that killed of most of them, but some survived, their DNA altered, effectively turning them into vampires.


I will post more of the gameplay as it progresses.


If you want to comment on this, please use the following forum thread:

I would like to keep this thread clean with the gameplay itself.

I would like to encourage everyone to post their own gameplays here on the forums if they like. When I watch a friend playing strategy games, he does so completely different from my playstyle, so maybe other people can show off how they play the game.