List of Mega Events and what they do (as of 1.3 opt-in 2)

Posted on Monday, September 7, 2015

I thought it might be nice to have a thread where we can have up to date info on the Mega Events that are in the game (both base and DLC).  I did something similar for Steam Achievements and it seemed to go over well.

As time goes by, I will periodically keep this updated.

I'll break this in to two sections:  Base and Mega Events DLC.  If anything else Mega Event-y comes from a different avenue, I'll note that as well.

Base Game (as of 1.3 opt-in 2) [10]

  1. Anomalies:  A lot of anomalies are spawned on the map.
  2. Breakthrough: A random technology is given to all factions.
  3. Distant Resources: Elerium and Antimatter are spawned on the map.
  4. Gold Rush:  A smaller amount of anomalies are spawned on the map.  (Triggers more often and earlier than Anomalies Mega Event)
  5. Land Rush: Several Dead Worlds are converted into Habitable Planets. (Class Range will be edited in/added when known)
  6. Paradise Worlds: Several Dead Worlds are converted into Class 25 planets. (Triggers later and is rarer than Land Rush)
  7. Pirate Colony: A Dead World is converted to a Class 6 planet and assigned as the Civ Capital for the Space Pirates faction.
  8. Relics: Precursor Relics are spawned on the map.
  9. Resource Glut:  Random number of Asteroids, Dead Worlds and Gas Giants are converted into Durantium, Thulium, and Promethion respectively.
  10. Wormholes: Wormholes are spawned on the map.

Mega Events DLC (as of 1.3 opt-in 2) [13]

  1. Assassination: The player is plunged into war with a random faction.
  2. Bank Robbery: The player is offered a set of choices involving Credits and Diplomacy.
  3. Brains Not Brawn: A new Minor Race, the BRAINY'AK, specializing in technology but with almost no military is discovered. 
  4. Dreadlords:  The Dreadlords have returned! OMG!1!.  (The Dreadlords spawn on a random planet)
  5. Helping Hand: A choice between halving all Manufacturing for a set amount of time and receiving Research Points in return is offered to the player.  Rewards and penalties vary.
  6. Life Support: A choice over sharing a breakthrough that doubles the range of all ships with other factions is offered.
  7. Ludicrious Speed: A choice involving boosting the speed of ships of only your own faction or of all factions is offered. 
  8. Peacekeepers: The Peacekeepers arrive, attacking any and all factions that are currently at war.
  9. Pirate Outbreak: A new faction of pirates, tougher than normal, are spawned on the map.
  10. Renaissance: A choice involving research being increased to all players or a set amount of tech points to the player alone is given.
  11. Space Monsters: The Space Monster faction is spawned on the map.
  12. The Artifact: The faction in the game which is currently the weakest gets a cumulative increase to their Production Points every turn until the end of the game or they are eliminated.
  13. Wish Upon a Relic: A choice involving greatly increased Research and Manufacturing for the next 25 turns is given.


I haven't given full details for the more involved ones.  Perhaps I will provide a full breakdown of what each Mega Event does if people wish.

I am mostly going off the XML details here.  I might adjust the above list as needed as actual game play comes in.