Governors... what are they good for … absolutely nuttten?

Posted on Sunday, September 6, 2015

Ok I know they are not finished and I hope they will turn out to be at least somewhat useful.   Played several games mow with 1.3 #2.  I avoided using the planetary wheel opting only for the global.  I found this to be very playable, most of the time I had it set to 40/40/20 M/R/$ adjusting it as necessary to rush something or stop from going broke.   Not utilizing the planetary wheel changed the way I built out planets, opting for more balanced worlds and it worked out OK. I will miss the planetary wheel but can learn to live without it just fine.   Governors on the other hand are another story.  A big part of the games challenge (at least for me) is deciding what to do with each planet and how best to build it out.  So even if gov’s were good at doing that I would opt not to use them. Big problem is they are actually very bad at it currently and will never be nearly as good as the average player.  I spent more time tearing things down and rebuilding than I ever did “micromanaging” my planetary wheels.  And letting the gov do terraforming?  those tiles are just too valuable to randomly plopped down or leave to chance .   How is this helping the player avoid micro or improve the gaming experience?   Unless they come with focus buffs I suspect most will leave them off, I know I will.