[SOLVED - 1.3] Turn stuck on "Wait"

Posted on Sunday, September 6, 2015

I started a new game with the 1.3 Opt-In 2 and it was going along ok until it got stuck on a turn.  This is different from the other "Idle Ship" stuck turns as I can't save the game while it's stuck.  I reloaded and manually used up all ship movements and even decommissioned ships that were stationed at planets and the shipyard, then saved it.

If I hit the Turn button, the AI ships will move, but the game will not progress.  Also, if I hit "Exit", the window will close, but the game stays running in the background until I open the Task Manager and end the task.

Here's the savegame.  If you're not familiar with Google Drive, there's a download button on the top center of the page.


<edit> The game is unplayable.  Stuck forever on "Wait" for the second game in a row.  Again, I had to end task in order to stop it from running. </edit>


 <edit> Changed title to SOLVED </edit>