Missing or annoying elements in Gal Civ 3

Posted on Monday, August 31, 2015

Thoght that people should just list off all their frustrations with Gal Civ 3.

here are some of the things that really piss me off about this game that need to be fixed ASAP!:

1. There needs to be a PUSH TO TOP OF/BOTTOM OF PRODUCTION QUEUE BUTTON so that you dont have to keep pushing the factories all the way to the top of the production queue or unimportant improvements to the bottom. On a large scale map with hundreds of colonized planets, this gets extremely annoying!!!!

2. NO SHIP/PLANET LIST FILTERS OR SORT BY OPTION?!?! I hate scrolling through hundreds of ships to try to find out where all my colony or surveyor ships are!

3. SET ALL PRODUCTION QUEUES TO DEFAULT OPTION: Rather than manually sorting all of your improvements in order of which you want to be produced first every time you colonize a planet or the planets class gets upgraded, there should be a way that you can just have the list sort itself based on rather than doing it manually EVERY SINGLE DAMNED TIME! For instance, I colonize a new planet and start off terraforming it to strategically figure out where I want to place my factories/farms/research centeres. But after doing this, I then have to push everything else back up to the top again...which is EXTREMELY ANNOYING!

4. TECH TREE AS DEFAULT RESEARCH SCREEN: Every damned time I load up a game, I have to change the research screen to tech tree...and it's not just that. There is a bug where all the tech options are greyed out after you finish researching something.

5. EXPERIENCE POINTS: what ever happened to ships gaining experience and leveling up after battle? I thought that was a fun way to fight battles.

thats all I have so far.