Governors ..totally confused

Posted on Monday, August 31, 2015

Ok before drawing any conclusions I decided to give them a go.  Maybe I am slow or confused as to how to use them, but I did two full games using them and to be honest it was as much or more micro than without them.   I know they are unfinished so big grain of salt and I could be doing something wrong…

* G’s built improvements with apparent no logic

*   e.g : built 3 stadiums even though my planet was already at 100% happiness;  built a solar plant on an; isolated tile ;  closed the circle around my research capital with a shopping center and consulate

* builds with no regard for adjacency or tile bonuses

*  terraform tiles seem completely randomly placed, not going for clusters


AND why do previous (lower level) Governors remain in the list after you research the next G tech?


I was constantly tearing down G built improvements and rebuilding.   And checking on planets to make sure something dumbe was't done.

I still had specialized planets and some balanced ones, but used the appropriate governor vs the wheel in all cases.  The universal wheel typically had to be fairly balanced on I ran out of funds after building a few large fleets. 


Both games were med maps, 4-5 opponents, genius level.  No problem winning