The Doing away of the wheel!!

Posted on Saturday, August 29, 2015

OK I`m not going to rant a make a Big scene,......... But I`m not happy with the lost of the wheel.


I use 3 to 4 settings  on my planets and NO I don`t change them each turn I`m not That OCD about it!!! I do change them to one of the other settings as needed!


I usually set my global setting around here



 I don`t change this either.

I know most would don`t agree to not changing either but that how i play!


I see the Governors slowing down the Pace of the game and making each planet less efficient.

I know I know the wheel gone I can`t get it back but maybe give us the option to set the governors as default or as custom!!  At-lease give us that!!! 


 Sorry I re-added the first pic of the Planetary Wheel!


Long Live The Wheel!!................ R.I.P...