2 Graphical bugs in non-beta steam GC3

Posted on Thursday, August 27, 2015

I've been playing GC3 for about two weeks now. Its always been rather slow loading, and scrolling. Did a lot of googling, disabled AV, but the disk read is 80-100% according to task manager. So that's the culprit of my slow downs and i hope they get fixed. My second problem is what i stated in the title. When viewing the diplomacy screen, after an alliance treaty, some of the worlds were missing, view jpg . Then i clicked the 'Show All' options and it didn't get any better. The 2nd bug and third problem is the in-game designer, click 'New Design' and there's no cube or whatever to build off of or anything in the left pane. I am also typing this now because for some reason my turn button stayed a faded 'wait' button, even though i could select planet, build things, select ships, etc. Bug/Problem 4

First graphic bug screenshot

Shipyard In-game designer, blank screenshot


The disk slow down i thought i fixed turning off AV, but Task manager i finally caught showing GC3 using HDD 2.2mb/s, more than any other app. So i hope that gets fixed soon. My settings were: custom race, med galaxy, i think 6 other races at start, minors abundant?.

And my system specs

CPU: i5-3570k stock

4(2x2GB) corsair ram

GTX 560 1GB

40" emerson 1080p TV/Monitor

Windows 8.1