Galactic Civilizations III - v1.3 Changelog

Posted on Thursday, August 27, 2015

v1.3 Changelog



We are addressing issues with micromanagement of your growing empire. Here are some of the improvements we're providing:

  • Planetary Governors Choose Governors to rule planets in your place, freeing you focus on grander strategic goals. These Governors decide what Planetary Improvements to build.

  • Improved Ship and Fleet management We've introduced numerous UI enhancements to help manage large numbers of ships and fleets in your empire.

  • Improved Ship Destination Interface  A newly redesigned Ship Destination Interface will help you organize the movement of large fleets across the galaxy.

Please note that some of following changes are only enabled if you begin a new game.

Full Patch Notes

Visual / Audio Improvements

  • Added new background music track

  • Added new news robot animations

  • Added orbit and follow cameras to the Battle Viewer

Micromanagement Improvements

  • Governors

    • Governors build Colony Improvements for you. To choose a Governor, first research "Interstellar Governance".  Then choose a Colony and press the "Manage" button.  A list of available Governors appears on the right-hand side of the window.

    • You may remove a Governor and take back control of a Colony at any time.  

  • The Colony Window now allows you to sort the Colonies based on Name, Manufacturing, Research, Wealth, Population, Influence, and Approval.

  • Ships are now grouped into Fleets under the "Ships" tab instead of being listed out individually.  You can expand the Fleets to inspect individual ships within each Fleet stack.

  • Added a "Fleets" category to the Governs > Commands window.  This allows you to redirect large groups of ships all at once.

  • Redesigned the Ship Destination window to add tabs for each destination type and included a minimap.  

  • Shipyard and Starbases now have their own tabs to Main Game Window


  • Lowered the cost of larger hulls slightly

  • Fleets are more likely to dogpile on desirable targets.

  • Fleets will be less timid when picking targets.

  • Added a Game Settings option to disable the AI surrendering.

  • AI should build more Economic Starbases

  • Increased turn lifetime of strategies that were 5 turns to 10 turns

  • Eliminated the free stuff bonuses gifted AI was receiving due to improved overall AI improvements

  • Removed the free techs and free ideology points from Genius AI due to improved AI behavior generally

  • Made Incredible difficulty level get more goodies for those who want to be punished

  • Made Godlike AI difficulty get more goodies to punish the crazies

  • AI only updates tax policy fully when a new AI strategy is chosen (instead of every turn)

  • AI is more likely to use colony ships to explore unknown stars in the hopes of finding a planet

  • AI gradually adjusts its spending ratios per turn rather than trying to do it all in one turn to give time for other civilization-wide measures to have a chance.

  • Fixed bug that caused the AI to min and max its spending every other turn under certain AI strategies

  • AI puts more effort into keeping its people happier

  • AI does better dealing with ship maintenance and its effect on its economy

  • Planet project production is now capped at 100% now.

  • Changed all Planetary Projects to 5% from 10%

  • Removed Ultra Transformer improvement.

  • Remove all techs that give adjacency bonuses.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused the graphs to appear corrupted

  • Fixed broken progress bars for shipyards in colony screen

  • Fixed missing ship image and ship name in the upgrade window.

  • Game checks to see if Steam is online before allowing the user to register.

  • AI will now pursue more specialized/expensive techs than rather than always going for the cheaper tech.

  • If the network connection is slow, the game will no longer crash when trying to access the Hall of Fame.

  • Fix to a bug where AI would sometimes see a planet that was outside its vision if it was close enough to another planet

  • Fix to a bug (LONG overflow) that could cause the AI to not expand as quickly as it should

  • Fixed bug that caused the AI to sometimes zero out its research when it felt economically weak

  • The Colony Manufacturing and Influence sort buttons now sort the colony lists correctly

  • Increased turn lifetime of strategies from 5 turns to 10 turns

  • Adding fix to the slider code where the sliders would sometimes go negative.

  • Improved general stability of games with large numbers of AI players

  • Fixed a crash when assigning teams in games with a large number of AI opponents

  • Fixed a crash when checking and unchecking the "add random opponents" repeatedly.

  • Fixed a crash that would happen if you deleted a custom race and then immediately started a new game.

  • Fixed a crash for restoring multiplayer games

  • Resources at the top of the screen are no longer being trimmed

  • The tech tree specialization nodes were using the wrong square background.  

  • Addressed a UI problem where some drop down lists were appearing behind buttons

  • Fixed minor text layout problem with Starbase Context Window

  • Fixed a number overflow problem with improvements with 0 manufacturing cost.

  • Updated appearance icons for custom races.  Removed some duplicate entries and updated colors for others.

  • Spaces are no longer allowed for save filenames where space was the only character.

  • Removed the white streaks in the Iconian faction leader movie when choosing it as your custom faction foreground movie.

  • Fixing a minor issue with the Terran colony and Terran constructor ships where hyperdrive modules weren't appearing on both sides

  • Removed the yellow hex ring around the Approval Relic

  • Planetary defending fleets with zero attack power are no longer invulnerable to attack.

  • Set the default AI difficulties to Normal instead of Easy

  • Mega Events are now disabled in the Campaign and the Tutorial.

  • Tutorial and Campaign will no longer hang when loading if mods are enabled

  • Added a diplomacy modifier that calls out other races as warmongers when they declare war too often.

  • Changed the game so anyone with a transport can invade with conventional warfare if you don't have the tech yet.  This solves a problem where a player who unlocked the "Malevolent - Dangerous " Ideology, received a transport, but couldn't use it to invade a planet because they hadn't researched the invasion tech.

  • When fleets merge they now attempt to take on whatever move directive is currently issued from the incoming fleet.

  • If an AI leader is busy with another player, it won't make a trade offer to a second player.

  • Fixed Fog of War bug where objects in a row that goes from visible to exposed were not hidden.

  • Added a Browse button to the Custom Faction Choose Picture Screen that will open an Explorer window directly to the location for copying images.

  • Map Editor: fixed problems with the preview thumbnails

  • Map Editor:  Do longer allow players to set a "recommended players" count of more than 100 when saving their map

  • Loading a custom map screen now displays the selected map's size.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the map editor tried to access DLC ships.

  • Fixed a problem with that would cause planet icon tooltips to break and show invalid data

  • Fixed a couple game-within-game lobby crashes

  • Fix an issue where "Unlikable" trait causes you to actually be liked.

  • Address a problem with uploading custom factions to Steam.

  • Fixed a crash when moving a fleet into shipyard at the end of turn