map editor

Posted on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

i got a chance to play with the map editor over the last couple of days

so the good news is i havent run into any bugs so far although my playing around with it has been fairly basic.


the bad news is it needs a ton of work mainly missing features and options


ok so first we need to get some basic editor tools in here

delete *

these should all be 1 button keybinds

i need to be able to select and press 1 button to delete things its extremely annoying to have to select it with the mouse then move over to delete and then back to yes for confirm.
if you place 20 objects and then realize their in the wrong spot your screwed.


2) being able to select multiple objects at a time.

this goes with the whole cut, copy paste thing of number 1 id like to be able to design a custom starting area and then just copy and paste the whole thing to different areas of the map 


3) planetary editor

a) planetary preview -  preview the planets ( while i understand that many of them have somewhat random layouts there are also some that are specific) if i want a planet that looks like a certain way and cant remember if its iridia or iconia id like to be able to load one up and see what it looks like

tooltips - there are a lot of planet traits and bonus's having a basic tooltip to tell what they do would go a long way to helping me choose the right ones

c) colonization events - you should be able to define what colonization events will occur on certain planets

d) colours - being able to define the colours that a planet uses would be usefull


4) anamolies 

need to be able to define if they are or are not guarded by pirates.

also would be nice if i could somehow set a level of guarding from light to masochistic 


5) nebula's

need to be able to select a size and shape for nebulas

eithar by having predifined nebulas i can select right down to a 1 tile nebula to build custom shapes or by being able to click-drag/shift click and then press nebula fill to make custom designs


6) units

we need to have the ability to place starting units even if its limitied to only the base starting units (surveyers probes colonizers and constructors)


7) define who starts where

right now we have 4 options for worlds

random human
random AI
random Human or AI

if i want to build a map that has the terrains starting on this planet and the drengin over there and the yor here and player one there. the only person i can actually place where i want is player 1 as long as there is no player 2