[MOD] Galactic Civilizations of New Eden (EVE Online Mod)

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Posted on Sunday, August 9, 2015


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Alpha Content Pack
Released September 26, 2015 

Anticipated Beta Release
November 2015


Galactic Civilizations of New Eden (GCoNE) is a GC3 overhaul/total conversion mod based on the universe of CCP's EVE Online. Explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate your rivals while playing as one of the major empires of EVE Online in a Galactic Civilizations setting entirely recast to capture all the details of the vast and dangerous New Eden star cluster.



Version 1.0 Features List

  • 4 new complete ship sets based on the ships of EVE Online with over 120 ship designs
  • New starbase designs based on the stations of EVE Online
  • New precursor relic designs based on the Jove, Sleepers, and other ancient civilizations of EVE Online
  • 12 major factions: Amarr Empire, Angel Cartel, Blood Raider Covenant, Caldari State, Gallente Federation, Guristas Pirates, Intaki Syndicate, Khanid Kingdom, Minmatar Republic, Sansha's Nation, Serpentis Corporation, and Thukker Tribe
  • 12 minor factions: Achura, Ammatar Mandate, Intaki Prime, Jin-Mei, Mannar, Mordu's Legion, New Eden Academy, Otherspace Enterprises, Outer Ring Excavations, Servant Sisters of EVE, Society of Conscious Thought, and Thug Hive
  • A Rogue Drones faction to replace the generic GC3 Space Pirates
  • New tech trees for the major factions based on EVE lore
  • Hundreds of new diplomatic interactions based on EVE lore
  • Countless lines of flavor text, UI, and game components rewritten to match the EVE setting
  • Soundtrack replacement with the music of EVE Online (yes, EVE has sound!)
  • All new colonizing and cluster-wide events based on EVE lore
Progress Report
Amarr Ship Set
Caldari Ship Set
Gallente Ship Set
Minmatar Ship Set
Pirate Faction Ship Set Variations
Rogue Drones Ship Set
Starbase Redesigns
Precursor Relic Redesigns
Major Faction Configuration Files
Minor Faction Configuration Files
Tech Trees
Diplomatic Interactions
Flavor Text & UI Rewrites
Soundtrack Replacement
New Colonization and Large-Scale Events
Possible Future Version Features

  • Mega Events DLC re-imagining for consistency with EVE lore
    • Dread Lords Return event becomes the Drifter Invasion
    • Peacekeepers event becomes the Yulai Convention and establishment of CONCORD Directive Enforcement Department
    • Assassination event becomes the Empyrean War
    • Space Monsters event becomes an advanced Rogue Drone outbreak
    • The Artifact event becomes some sort of Jove embassy to a random minor power
  • "Shattered Cluster" faction configurations with multiple major factions representing internal segments of the main empires (the Amarr royal families, Caldari megacorporations, Minmatar tribes, etc.)
  • Campaigns based on EVE lore
    • Gallente-Caldari War/Caldari War of Independence
    • Minmatar Rebellion