What happened to the Altarians

Posted on Thursday, August 6, 2015

They seem to be a different race from GC2.  I used to always try and ally with them even though they were good alignment and I usually play neutral.  In GC3 they always and I mean always declare war on me shortly after meeting me and the the war usually last most of the game.  The 3 games I have played so far they and the YOR just have it in for me.  Oh I usually play as Humans.  I have also notice that most of the civilization don't declare war on each other and I'm usually the one at war during the coarse of the game.  In GC2 I would usually be the one not in any wars and let the AI duke it out and weaken each other to a point while I build up.  Can't seem to do this in GC3 unless that is part of the change in the AI.  I usually play on genius level for the AI.  Oh and don't get me started on the Thalens.  In GC2 they were always one of the strongest races but so far in GC3 they are a very weak race.  Just curious if GC3 was meant to mix things up like this.