Galactic Civilizations III - Patch 1.2

Posted on Thursday, August 6, 2015


Patch Overview

  • Mega Events:  A Mega Events are a special galaxy wide events that introduce new challenges or opportunities to Galactic Civilization III. These events may include new enemies, planets, or resources. Example events include randomly spawning resources and anomalies, planets, and more. 

  • 3D Print Support: You may now export and 3D print ships you've designed.  You may either use your own 3D printer or export directly to Scultpeo. (

  • Steam Workshop: You can share custom Maps via the Steam Workshop.

  • AI: The AI is smarter in building fleets and defending planets.


Full Patch Notes

Visual Improvements and UI

  • Planets now have a new visual effect that reflects their class.

Balance and Gameplay

  • Mega Events

    • Special galaxy wide events that introduce new challenges or opportunities.  

    • Mega Events are spawned randomly and under certain conditions.  

    • The frequency of Mega Events is set under "Game Settings" when you start a new game.  

    • Example Events:

      • Gold Rush: Strange subspace wave has been opening space-time rifts and dropping extremely valuable artifacts across the galaxy.  

      • Land Rush: A mysterious explosion has created a shockwave that has converted several previously dead worlds into habitable planets.

      • Wormholes: Survey teams are reporting a vast increase in the number of wormholes in the galaxy.

      • Anomalies: Survey teams are reporting there has been a sudden spike in the number of Anomalies being found.

      • Paradise Worlds: Rumor has come to us that several previous class 26 worlds have been discovered.

      • Resource Glut: A breakthrough in assorted mining technologies has greatly increased the number of resources we can harvest.

      • Distant Resources: A breakthrough in deep space scanning has been made. As a result, we are now able to detect previously unknown nodes of Antimatter and Elerium.

      • Tech Breakthrough: Independent researchers have a new technology and are sharing it with entire the galaxy.

      • Pirate Colony:  Pirates have started their own colony on a barren planet.  

  • Added 3D printing support to GalCiv3. You may export your ship designs locally or export their ship directly to a 3D printing service (Sculpteo -  

  • AI Improvements

    • AI will now decommission defenders if it has too many and it wants to make room for better model defenders.

    • Ship designs were upgrading too often for the AI because the AI was constantly changing its mind on which defense type it wanted.

    • Fixing an issue where preset ship blueprints were only using point defense.

    • AI will build better ships to defend their planets with "best defense" system

    • AI will rebuild AI fleets to optimize logistics

  • Added in-game registration process for Stardock Games.  Registration of any Stardock game is rewarded with a free GalCiv 3 DLC.   Elite Founders automatically receive the Registration DLC, but are still encouraged to register.

  • Added support for uploading custom maps to the Steam Workshop.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed mega-missile attack bug with starbases

  • Fixed bug in Upload Window where the old image of a ship would appear temporarily before the newly generated thumbnail appeared

  • The wiki and manual buttons now open to the browser instead of the Steam overlay.

  • Resource Bar was not resizing properly in non-small UI Sizes

  • Improved thumbnails when exporting ships to Steam Workshop.

  • Add a UI message with the file path for custom faction image.

  • Addressed a race condition when player with a custom faction leaves a multiplayer lobby.

  • Improved the mini-map thumbnails

  • Map Editor - Improved workflow exiting after save.

  • Game no longer allows players to save custom maps with empty names.

  • Fixed text overlap issue in the Ship Designer Category label

  • Fixed a bug in Starbase Components that was causing the Counter Measure Module to not be upgradable.

  • Fixed some "White Line" artifacts that were showing up on Normal and Medium UI.

  • Fixed a multiplayer crash during the United Planets.

  • Fixed a multiplayer hang-up at start with custom factions

  • Fixed a crash where the colony is destroyed behind enemy lines.

  • Fixed a crash when leaving the Post Game Screen and returning to Main Menu

  • Fixing crash where AI was gifting all its objects to another AI while that AI was running its move phase.

  • Changed the "Design Revolution Event"  

    • The Benevolent choice grants +20 Benevolent and +10% Social

    • Updated the Malevolent text to reflect the given bonus.  

  • Upload ship process

    • Added a "Change" button to Upload window when uploading a ship

    • When you click the Change button, a 3d view window of the ship becomes visible, and you can position the camera how you want it

    • You then click "Done" to lock-in the camera at that position

    • You cannot upload while you are changing the position of the camera

    • Camera override for scene view now allows zooming