CTDs about every 3rd turn and when I try to open a trade screen.

Posted on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I keep getting CTDs on my current game.  It's the same one where I reported that the Krynn Carriers are using Transport Icons and the one where I reported the stuck on "Idle Ship" bug.  Insane map, vanilla races, godlike difficulty.  The save game is in my Krynn Carriers bug thread.

There's no warning that it's about to happen.  All seems to be going well and the game just disappears from the screen.  I have to save the game several times per turn in order to keep from the boredom of doing the same stuff over and over.  Setting the autosave to every turn didn't help because it would CTD before the save.

I'm hoping I can finish the game before it permanently craters.  I should be getting two steam achievements, one for an insane map win and another for the Krynn win.  

Can you please roll back the 1.12 update?  It's killing the game.