[MOD] Mobile Asteroid Processing Module, with ships.

Posted on Monday, July 20, 2015

Welcome to the Mobile Asteroid Processor Module Mod. v1.1 
(This mod is version agnostic and should work regardless of game version.)


Installation: Simply unzip the file into your "//MyDocuments/My Games/GalCiv3/Mods" directory, it will create a new
directory there. Then login to the game, go to Options, select the Gameplay Tab and check the box for Enable Mods.
Next, Exit the game and when you relaunch it the mod will be active. 
For the custom ships simply extract the Designs folder into "//MyDocuments/My Games/GalCiv3"

Change log

Begin v1.1
(Fix) Changed number of construction points, this merely allows the constructor to build any module rather than requiring
a supplementary ship to build the 2 point modules.
(Tune) Cost for the module has been raised significantly it is now 100X as expensive as a normal constructor module.
(Tune) Maintenance cost has been raised significantly.
(Tune) Mass type has been changed from the SupportMass group, this module will not become smaller, you will need additional
hull capacity and engine miniaturization techs to make this ship more agile.
End v1.1


The goal of this mod is to provide an alternative to the endless waves of constructor ships which need to be spammed
out across the galaxy to every starbase in a seemingly never ending stream. This mod provides you with a single module,
the Mobile Asteroid Processing Module, it is extremely costly, very large, and has a very high maintenance cost. The
idea behind this module is, at construction time the module is built around a large asteroid, the module then begins
breaking down that asteroid and using the materials to manufacture Starbase Construction Modules. Functionally once this
module has been installed in a ship, that ship provides unlimited starbase construction modules, but not the actual
constructor. Meaning, when stationed at a starbase, that starbase has unlimited access to modules, however the ship itself
cannot construct starbases. Yes that means its only real use is to sit at a starbase and provide it with modules. No it
doesn't need to be resupplied with asteroids, if this was something I could accomplish within the game code I would.
Yes I am aware that under the ship design window it appears under "Recovery Module" while I envision this to mean
"Asteroid Recovery", in fact it is an unused module slot and I needed to use it so this mod could be done append style.
Will the AI use it? Probably not, it is in an unused Module type and is not attached to any Blueprints, in my opinion
this is fine as the module is so expensive it would most likely cause the AI to bankrupt itself if it did use it.
Unlike some of my mods this one is notionally intended to be balanced so I will be tweaking it for balance sake as
testing goes on.

The custom ships I have included are there to provide some fun flavor to the mod so you have some vessels to use that fit
the role.  Of course feel free to use them in your games however you like. NO I did NOT do an iridium style ship, I did
about a dozen and they all sucked. Personally I hate the Iridium ship style and cannot make anything decent looking
with it, I truly admire anyone who can. Note some of the custom ships have tons of parts and loads of animations so
people with low end computers beware!

You can check out a preview of the ships right here

Any feedback is welcome feel free to leave me your thoughts either on the nexus or on the GalCiv3 forums.

In case you missed it at the top the link is right HERE.

And if you are interested all my mods can be found HERE.