Please....please.....please stop coding aggressive colonization behavior without incorporating consequences

Posted on Monday, July 20, 2015

I simply cannot take this any more. Somewhere along the line, someone thought that an AI player should be able to jump into your strategic rear (more or less so to speak) and colonize planets without even an atom of consequences.


Here's a newsflash from reality: violation of sovereign space in order to colonize "property" of an empire is a HOSTILE act, not a neutral or friendly one.I have every right to reduce that minor AI player to cinders for a transgression like this, but no, it's from a "trusted, warm" *ally* who cannot for the life of them understand why I now need to BLOW THEM INTO ANOTHER UNIVERSE!

In short, because the person who did this has zero geostrategic sense, I have to not only lose the asset (thus throwing my own strategy into turmoil), but get punished as the bloody aggressor for defending my $&%*&*$ space!

Sorry, I can't take this kind of thing anymore. Paradox pulls the same garbage in their games too often.


I buy no more until this kind of crap gets fixed. I cannot have "friendly" AI behaior like this. You want to program a policy of "open asset, fair game everywhere"? Fine, but don't punish your players for responding aggressively to the exercise of this policy. I just got this game and I'm in my fifth skirmish mode start and this has happened 4 times now.  I am really hacked off. I can't plan under these conditions.