Okay I'm Frustrated but Trying Not to Be!

Posted on Thursday, July 9, 2015

Stardock please help,

Please don't take any of this as negative as I'm just expressing my frustration as constructive feedback.

Myself and many (not all) players are playing increasingly large maps and players especially with workshop (have been since opt-in patch v. 1.1 was released).  However, everytime I submit a ticket or add to an existing ticket the first thing that is said is "Have you tried the latest patch v. ### released today (or recently)".  The answer is NO!! some of these issues have been around since beta and are being addressed slowly (and that is fine).  However, I don't need the generic reply every time to attempt the new patch and this is why... and please help me understand if I'm incorrect as I don't want to be frustrated as I enjoy all your games and your company.

  1. Large games take 20-60 hours or more of game play to get to the errors being reported (2-4 weeks or more of real time)  By then a new patch is released.
  2. If a game supports 100 AI don't ask if issue is happening when I play with 10 AI as it shouldn't matter if the game supports it and it doesn't work it should be fixed.
    • Starting a new game just to test 10 player games when I won't play it otherwise takes the above amount of time so it's not feasible as the player is not on payroll and has a job/school and family.
  3. If issue wasn't in patch notes as to be fixed than why would anyone assume issue was fixed? (even internal changes)

Now on a positive note, I thank Derek and the rest of the Stardock team for looking at many of these issues and appreciate all the hard work you do.  I try to help in anyway I can and hope to continue to help you in the future.  I just can't enjoy the game as a customer and then play 20+ hours on a game just to test a bug.  If you need any additional information on games or issues I'm experiencing please let me know as I'm happy to help.