Flavortext include support & sound trigger

Posted on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

To me making a race for something like gal civ 3 is more then just a pretty picture and ships. They should act the part. Talk the talk. This can be accomplished but only by making direct changes to the Flavortext file. What this means is that if someone downloads a mod with an updated flavortext. They could miss out on future updates to the file done by stardock while the mod is enabled. They could also encounter issues when using 2 mods that have both modified the file.


The mod creator will be forced to root through the file and remake the file with any and all updated to Flavortext. An include wouldn't be the hardest thing to code in and would allow for the separation of mod content into new files while still pulling it into the required areas while loading.


In addition to that, as a modder I can not pull or play any sound files. That seems silly. Adding a trigger should be fairly easy. I know that both items should be very reasonable and require little effort by comparison to many other aspects of development.


I love this game as I have the previous releases in the series, but I want more power on the back end. Power to the people, or something like that.