[MOD] Planetary Diversity

Expands the variety of available planets.

Posted on Monday, July 6, 2015

Welcome to the Planetary Diversity Mod. v1.5 (This mod is version agnostic and should work regardless of game version.) 

Now available on the Nexus.

** Updated to Version 1.6 MAJOR UPDATE!!! Please update your mods ASAP!! ** 1.6 is specifically for the v1.2 Opt-in or later if youa re running an earlier version please use the 1.5 version of the mod.

Installation: Simply unzip the file into your “//MyDocuments/My Games/GalCiv3/Mods” directory, it will create a new
directory there. Then login to the game, go to  Options, select the Gameplay Tab and check the box for Enable Mods.
Next, Exit the game and when you relaunch it the mod will be active. 

--Begin Changelog--


Begin V1.6
(Fix)Adjusted Planetary art code to comply with changes in game version 1.2, Credit goes to Hereward_Hills for reporting
that problem.
(Tune)Changed all planets to be non extreme, this does not change the way the planets work or how they get improved by
unlocking techs, it simply means they are no longer restricted by the quantity of extreme planets chosen.
End V1.6

Begin V1.5
(Fix)Recoded extreme planet modifiers as they were not engaging correctly when techs became available, now working.
End V1.5

Begin V1.4
(Fix)Switched all <ColonizationPrerequ> from ColonizationTech to TechTree so Yor and Drengin will start using them.
Credit goes to BuckGodot for catching that one!
End V1.4

Begin V1.3
(Fix)Altered the internal naming of the Precursor Industrial Planet to prevent conflicts with other mods. Credit goes to
admiralWillyWilber for catching that!
End V1.3

Begin V1.2
(Fix)Adjusted all Trade route bonuses to use proper targetype fields as changed in game version 1.1 Credit goes to
Hereward_Hills for catching that!
End V1.2

Begin V1.1
Cavern Complexes
Approval lowered to +20%, Planetary Defense lowered to +20%, Food lowered to +25%, Resistance lowered to +30%

Paradise Planet
Approval lowered to +20%, Food lowered to +15%, +50% to Tourism lowered to +25%, Influence lowered to +25%

Planetary Megacity
Base Food lowered to +30, Influence lowered to +20%, Base Approval lowered to +10

Dense Core
Influence lowered to +25%

Robot Wasteland
After Researching "Planetary Defense Domes"
-30% from colony maintenance costs raised to -50%

Precursor Military Complex
Planetary Defense lowered to +50%

Gaian Planet
Base Approval lowered to +15, Food lowered to +20%

Crystal Wasteland
Influence lowered to 75%
Credit Goes to KarlBar99 for the heads up on some critical balance issues.
End V1.1
--End Changelog--

The goal of this mod is to expand upon the existing planetary types and provide some interesting new gameplay. The new

planets presented are in some cases very powerful but also very rare, even in an Insane size map with all abundant
settings only one or two of the rarest planets have been observed.  These planets are meant to be a rare and miraculous
find stimulating battle almost immediately for possession of them.

I have intentionally created this mod to be version agnostic, meaning it does not matter which version of the game you
are running, the mod will neither conflict nor interfere.  To this end the mod is built entirely using the append method.


Here are the new planets, first the normal planets.

Precursor Gateways *Very Rare*

  • +25% to Income
  • +50% to Trade Route value
  • -25% to Planetary Defenses
  • +50% to Tourism

A world covered in Precursor Gateways allowing instant transit from one location to another. These Portals can be linked 
to other locations across the galaxy allowing instant transport to and from this world. This greatly increases the value 
of trade routes, and causes an influx of tourist credits as well as toll fees for use of the portals. The portals do 
pose a problem during planetary invasions however allowing invaders rapid access to all sectors of the planet. 
Mineral Rich *Rare*

  • +25% to Social Manufacturing
  • +25% to Military Manufacturing
  • +25% to Income
  • +25% to Trade Route value

A world rich in rare minerals of all sorts, these resources greatly boost both social and military manufacturing as well 
as providing valuable gems and minerals for trade. 
Cavern Complexes *Rare*

  • +50% to Approval (v1.1 lowered to +20%)
  • +50% to Planetary Defense (v1.1 lowered to +20%)
  • +75% to Food (V1.1 lowered to +25%)
  • +50% to Resistance (v1.1 lowered to 30%)

A world riddled with vast dry cavern complexes. These are easily converted to provide additional living and working 
space. The beautiful crystal galleries and natural amphitheaters enhance population approval levels. The lower caverns 
are found to contain vast forests of edible fungi, while the circuitous underground labyrinth provides excellent defense 
against all sorts of planetary invasion.

Mineral Poor *Rare*

  • -20% to Social Manufacturing
  • -20% to Military Manufacturing
  • -10% to Income
  • -10% to Trade Route value

A world lacking rudimentary minerals required by most industrial processes, this has a negative impact on all 
manufacturing, limits trade and provides little material of monetary value. 

Mountainous *Uncommon*

  • +25% to Income
  • +25% to Tourism
  • -25% to Food
  • -25% to Approval

A world covered in enormous mountains. Rearing high into the sky with sheer slopes they provide easy access to valuable 
mineral lodes and the tourists just adore the skiing. However life in such an environment is harsh and food is difficult 
to grow with no flat arable land. 

Paradise Planet *Very Rare*

  • (High quality planet)
  • +50% to Approval (V1.1 lowered to +20%)
  • +25% to Food (V1.1 lowered to +15%)
  • +50% to Tourism (V1.1 lowered to +25%)
  • +50% to Influence (V1.1 lowered to +25%)

A true paradise for life everyone wishes they could live in such a heavenly place. Tourists flock in from all over the 
galaxy and word of its wonders and beauty draws envy in the hearts of all. 

And now unto the Extreme planets, note these planets require no special tech to colonize but may require certain tech
unlocks to get best use out of them.  They are however in the Extreme category, therefore their rarity is directly
effected by the Extreme planet setting at map generation which is completely intentional.

Planetary Megacity (Extreme*Very Rare*

  • (Very high planet quality)
  • -50% to Growth (Research "Population Enhancement" to eliminate)
  • +50 base Food (V1.1 lowered to +30)
  • +50% to Influence (V1.1 lowered to +20%)
  • +30 base Approval (V1.1 lowered to +10)

A world covered in a single massive abandoned city. The cities systems are fully functional and automated food vats 
located in the undercity are easily converted to feed the population. The massive entertainment arenas keep the populace 
happy while the amazing architecture and artistic design draws culture snobs from far and wide. The air filtration 
plants however seem to secrete an aerosol contraceptive keeping population growth firmly in check. Researching 
"Population Enhancement" will eliminate the contraceptive effect.

Dense Core (Extreme*Rare*

  • -50% to Social Manufacturing (Research "Barrier Field Generation" to eliminate)
  • +75% to Research
  • +25% to Planetary Defense
  • +50% to Influence (V1.1 lowered to +25%)

A relatively small world with a massively dense core generating a powerful natural magnetic field. This field provides a 
sheltered environment for delicate research projects, and a natural defensive screen against planetary bombardment. It 
does interfere with the smooth operation of most automated or computerized systems requiring additional effort to shield 
them against its effects. The field itself acts as a harmonic resonator allowing cultural broadcasts to radiate outward 
with much greater clarity reaching far deeper into surrounding space. Researching "Barrier Fields" will eliminate the 
disruption to Manufacturing.  

Robot Wasteland (Extreme*Very Rare*

  • -80% from colony maintenance costs
  • +50% to Social Manufacturing
  • -50% to Growth
  • -50% to Food

    After Researching "Planetary Defense Domes"

  •         0 to Food
  •         0 to Growth
  •         -30% from colony maintenance costs (V1.1 Raised to -50%)

Some mad precursor race left their robotic servants to run amok on this world. Whatever their original purpose they are 
now a hazard to all life, they rampage about trampling crops and colonists alike. On the other hand the instant any 
construction project is begun the robots pitch right in and complete it in record time. Additionally it appears the 
robots sneak into the settlements at night and repair structures and equipment when no one is looking as very little 
maintenance is ever needed on this world. Researching "Planetary Defense Domes" will eliminate the threat to the 
colonists but will also drastically impact the beneficial maintenance reduction. 

Precursor Industrial Center (Extreme*Very Rare*

  • (High quality planet)
  • +75% to Production Points
  • -25% to Growth
  • -25% to Food (Research "Lossless Farming" to eliminate)
  • +50% to Trade Route value

A world covered in Precursor Industrial manufacturing systems. These systems are capable of rapidly manufacturing nearly 
anything and even when undirected they endlessly churn out consumer goods in vast quantities. Unfortunately while there 
is plenty of space to build none of it is particularly useful for growing crops, or people for that matter. Researching 
"Lossless Farming" will eliminate the penalty to food production but does nothing for the danger the machinery poses to 
the population. 
Precursor Military Complex (Extreme*Very Rare*

  • +80% to Military Manufacturing
  • +85% to Planetary Defense (V1.1 lowered to 50%)
  • -50% to Food (Research "Lossless Farming" to eliminate)
  • +10 to Empire wide Logistics Cap

This entire world is one gigantic Precursor Military Base. Its massive dockyards provide significantly increased 
logistical support to fleets, while the military bases and bunkers all over the planet provide peerless planetary 
defense. The advanced shipyards are capable of rapidly constructing nearly any ship. Unfortunately all of this comes at 
the price of very little arable land. Researching "Lossless Farming" will eliminate the penalty to food production. 
Desolate Planet (Extreme*Uncommon*

  • +50% to Manufacturing
  • +50% to Research
  • -50% to Food
  • -25% to Growth

    After Researching "Extreme World Colonization" or with the Adaptable trait.
        0 to Food
        0 to Growth
A completely Desolate world makes a miserable place to live but is excellent for manufacturing research and mining. 
Adaptable races and those who have researched "Extreme World Colonization" will find living conditions far less 

Gaian Planet (Extreme*Ultra Rare*

  • (Very high quality planet)
  • +25 Base Approval (V1.1 lowered to +15)
  • -75% to Growth (Researching "Bio Replication" changes this to +3 base growth)
  • +100% to Food (V1.1 lowered to +20%)
  • +20 base Food

Verdant and green, on this world all lifeforms thrive and grow at a phenomenal rate. Every inch of the planet is covered 
in verdant edible life, unfortunately the local fauna counts your colonists amongst the edibles. Despite being eaten by 
the local environment on a regular basis the planet induces a sense of wonder and happiness in all who dwell there. 
Researching "Bio Replication" will allow you to modify your colonists to become one with this amazing biosphere. 
Crystal Wasteland (Extreme*Uncommon*

  • +100% to Research
  • -75% to Approval (Researching "Neuro linking" changes this to +25% Approval)
  • -25% to Food
  • +200% to Influence (V1.1 lowered to 75%)

The crystals covering this world are phenomenally valuable for research but generate a psychic background hum that 
causes migraines. The crystals are so abundant they leave little room for cropland. While the psychic resonance is 
difficult to live with it does transmit the populace's subconscious desires deep into space around this world spreading 
your cultural values to other planets with little effort. Researching "Neuro Linking" will actually yield a net gain in 
approval as your population gains low level empathic abilities from the psychic resonance. 

Precursor Research Center (Extreme*Ultra Rare*

  • +250% to Research
  • +75% to the quality of diplomatic trades.
  • +2 to Diplomacy

This world was a major research hub for some long forgotten Precursor race. Even better their computers and research 
labs were so ruggedly built they are still operational. Deciphering their ancient knowledge may take generations but it 
still provides phenomenal bonuses to research. As a side benefit the planetary supercomputer is capable of providing 
detailed analysis of the motives of your enemies, allowing your diplomats to broker far more lucrative deals on your 

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