Great Game- Better than in II

Posted on Sunday, July 5, 2015

So, I will admit I am really impressed with this AI. I remember back in II, at least for me, Altarians and Drengins were usually some of the weakest. Yor, Arceans, and Drengin also dragged. Terrans, Krynn, and Thalans always dominated...


Anyway... the AI surprised me twice today. First, then Krynn DoWed me. Now I rarely focus on warships in the beginning, my first warship will be a frigate usually. I focus on double Ion engines, some weapons, some defense. Anyway, I had no defenses. They quickly managed control of my space, but couldn't take out my ship yards as it was early game. The Krynn were to my "South" in a tight cluster scenario. The Drengin, to my east, DoWed me. My territory was swarming with enemy ships, but after I launched my first ship they became prey... and those strong fleets were to slow to catch my one, then two, frigates. So eventually I, the Benevolent Iconians research Planatery Invasion. After my ships are away, about to knock out in one fell swoop the entire Krynn empire (just their home system and one other)... SUPRISE the fellow "Benevolent" Altarians move in from the west. I was essentially in a bubble. I knock out the Krynn, but my North system is taken. New Iconia is held on to. It was then that the real war began. Ultimately I won because... SUPRISE NUMBER TWO...


They never escorted their (slow moving) M2 and M3 troop ships. I intercepted them all... Then I find out the Drengin and Altarians are trading... I was the enemy and they worked together. Long story short I won that game... however it was amazing. Never have I had so much fun... and I played ALOT of GalCiv II. That was also an eyeopener. Altarians are no better than Torians who, once they have an upper hand, extort you for money!


Just wanted to share my experiences, and say thanks for a great game. I have two races left and I will have won with every race. Then I shall have more time to play with my customs .