My First GalCiv III Race

Posted on Sunday, July 5, 2015

Howdy! So I played GalCiv II religiously. I believe I had over a 1200 hours on it... my most played game of all time! Creating races on that game was pretty easy... in fact I had over 300 unique images and races! However, I have created my very first Race in GalCiv III with imported pictures and the like. Want to see what yall think of it!


I am an avid fire emblem fan, and fates will be coming out soon. No, it is not optimum. I am not a good ship designer either. But, as this is also my first workshop upload, wanted to see what yall think, advice, help, concerns, etc.


I will probably be making more races in the future- that is custom pictures and all but not custom ships... Finally I can share with the world! It just will be subpar compared to others .