[AI] Vid's Better Wartime AI [UPDATED v3]

Posted on Friday, July 3, 2015

Ever noticed how poorly the AI handles its wars? It builds transports and sits on them, loads fleets up with tiny ships that were obsolete ages ago, and rarely does anything but annoy you. Here's a neat little fix for that.

With this, when the AI goes to war, it will almost exclusively build transports and capital ships, which means their fleets are much faster, and far more dangerous. Additionally, they are now invade much more aggressively, and will sometimes line up several invasions back to back. Ever wonder how scary the Drengin would be if they actually finished their wars? Oh man... brace yourselves.

This is compatible with the 1.10 opt-in.

Note that the AI doesn't seem to use anything for planetary defense except for Tiny ships, so as a side-effect, when they are at war for a long time, they will very often start to neglect their defenses to smash the front line. However, if you tell it to build tiny ships, it loads them up in fleets absent-mindedly, so it's best to just tell them not to, especially since they are very inefficient once you get Medium hulls. Tiny ships are ineffective defenders anyway, so until the AI learns how to defend with larger ships, this is the next best thing.

UPDATE: v2 is now up. It makes the AI even more aggressive on larger maps, and additionally helps it build more Constructors once it has secured a decent-sized empire.

UPDATE 2: v3 is now up. It makes the AI much better at defending its own planets. Due to necessity, while this is compatible with 1.11, I have refrained from using the new BestDefense modifier that the devs added, as I find it quite counter-productive, and it often makes the AI worse at defending.