[1.10] Once fixed, -L blueprints are awful but the AI loves them too much.

Posted on Thursday, July 2, 2015

What I mean is, once you fix weapon augments working in blueprints, the blueprints with basic augments turn out to be horribly designed, and they make the AI even less effective at war, when before they had at least some basic competence. -L class blueprints from Gunboat-L all the way up to Cruiser-L don't strap a full suite of basic defenses on until they reach the filler stage of their designs, which require such absurd amounts of miniaturization that the AI will never get them, and since these designs are AI-only, this makes them poor tools for the AI to use. Worse, they have such a high threat rating that the AI never stops building them, so the AI builds dozens of ships with gaps in their defenses, leaving them unable to gain ground.

Even worse, since the threat rating of these ships is so high, the AI never even builds transports, they just spam more of these ships and declare war on literally everyone, which results in a stalemate because their awesome ships have no defenses, and nobody has any transports.

A few things need to be done here:

1) -L Blueprints need to copy the basic blueprints, except have an augment attached. This is actually what happens in the Destroyer-L blueprints and higher.

2) The AI needs to value transports more highly. For some reason, even though they are told to keep at least 3 transports at all times during war, they ignore that parameter.