[Mod] Hereward's Planet Traits - Version 3.0

Posted on Thursday, July 2, 2015

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Additional planet traits and slight modifications of stock planet traits. Version 2 introduces Almost Extreme planets; planets that are colonizable like ordinary planets but, like extreme planets, can be improved with the appropriate technology.

Almost Extreme Planets

Gas World, Oceanic World and Tundra World are almost extreme planets. Though they are colonizable like ordinary planets, they carry a production penalty like extreme planets and are governed by the extreme planet settings in the game options. All three planets can be improved with the discovery of Extreme Colonization and Adaptable races benefit from the improvements straight away.

Gas World

Rich deposits of methane gas make this planet ideal for manufacturing, but the greenhouse effect on the atmosphere makes it barely colonizable.

Oceanic World

Massive oceans and small continents make this planet barley colonizable though it is ideal as a tourist resort with an abundant stock of marine life.

Tundra World

Permafrost makes this planet barley colonizable though it's wealth of migratory herds and predators attracts tourists and researches alike.


Additional Ordinary Planets

Jungle World

Hot and humid with dense jungle undergrowth and shallow marshland, manufacturing and farming are difficult, but the flora and fauna are amazing and the terrain aids resistance against invasion.

Twin Moons

Romantic views planet side give a boost to tourism whilst traders can more readily transfer cargo.


Primordial World

The oceans are teaming with diverse primitive life forms yet the land is dry and rocky due to a lack of vegetation.


Stock Planets

  • Ghost World: Abandoned planets now less frequent, archaeologists will have search a bit harder.
  • Serene: A little less frequent making the planet a little more special.
  • Bountiful: Less frequent making the valuable and rare resources, well, rare to find.
  • Tidally Locked: The large moon not only gives social manufacturing a boost but it now gives military manufacturing a boost as well.
  • Shielded: A little less frequent as such a planet is a bit anomalous.
  • Shrouded: A little less frequent as such a planet is a bit anomalous.


Planet Diversity Mod by Deathwynd

This mod is fully compatible with Deathwynd's Planet Diversity Mod.


Pleasure Planet Mod by Dumhed

If you use Dumhed's Pleasure Planet Mod then I would recommend making this planet truly anomalous by tweaking it's relative weight.

  1. Open the Pleasure Planet mod folder.
  2. Open the file Game\PlanetTraitDefs_PP.xml
  3. Find the value <RelativeWeight>
  4. Change the value from 9 to 2, or 1, or 3, whatever takes your fancy.

If you wish to use this mods planetary features and improvements whilst using Deathwynd's Paradise Planet rather than Dumhed's Pleasure Planet then set the relative weight to 0.


Version History

  • v2.1 - Minor update for release of GalCiv3 v1.1
  • v2.2 - Fixed Drengin and Yor not using the almost extreme planets.
  • v2.3 - Minor update for release of GalCiv3 v1.2
  • v2.4 - Improved art work for Jungle World.
  • v2.5 - Minor update for release of GalCiv3 v1.6
  • v3.0 - Adds Primordial World



Thanks to Vidszhite for his inspiration with creating the Almost Extreme Planets, Franco fx for the re-imagination of Tundra World and everyone else for your comments and support.


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