[MOD] Galactic Diversity Custom Traits Mod

Posted on Monday, June 29, 2015

Presenting the Galactic Diversity Custom Race Mod, now available on the Nexus

Galactic Diversity Mod. Updated to v1.6 (This mod is version agnostic and should work regardless of game version.) 


Simply unzip the file into your “//MyDocuments/My Games/GalCiv3/Mods” directory, it will create a new directory there. Then login to the game, go to Options, select the Gameplay Tab and check the box for Enable Mods. 

Next, Exit the game and when you relaunch it the mod will be active.

The goal of this mod is to expand upon the original custom race traits and provide some interesting new choices. 

This mod is not strictly balanced, it is presented for fun and many users may find they will need to crank up the AI
in order for it to provide some challenge. That being said over time I will attempt to balance the mod internally to
itself so that the race traits and abilities are balanced against each other.

I have intentionally created this mod to be version agnostic, meaning it does not matter which version of the game you
are running, the mod will neither conflict nor interfere. To this end the mod is built using the append method, the
only exception being the RaceTraitSliderDefs.xml which exists only to display the race traits and in no way changes
them itself. This file is left in overwrite mode simply to provide my new race traits without altering any of the
original race traits. All of the original race traits are intact and unchanged any custom race created with the base
game should work just fine with this mod installed. If you choose to publish any custom race made with this mod
installed I would ask that you note that, in the workshop entry, so as to avoid confusion for those persons downloading
from the workshop. Being an append style mod Galactic Diversity should play nice with most other mods.

Herein you will find a plethora of new and exciting race traits for your gaming pleasure.

You can choose from traits such as.
The Swarm - Its an Ugly planet its a bug planet!
Cyborgs - Their big bad and ready to stomp their enemies to a pulp
Heir to the Ancients - Who are these minor empires we find ourselves surrounded by? They are as nothing before the Ancients!
The AI Collective - Hyper intelligent leaders of an endless machine army.
Psionic Masters - What is that you are thinking? No no that just won't do, thats better now you are thinking the "right" way.
Nanonic Breakthrough - Lets make everything smaller and faster and better! I'm sure the nanites will behave...
And many more!

A Note on balancing: All race trait values are positives, there are no negative traits, the lack of a bonus is as
effective as any negative, while negatives just give rise to unbalanced traits which are very weak penalties given the bonus
points they give.  An example would be the Brutal, Popular, or Traders traits, which are very often taken on custom
races as they do not offer a strong penalty to match the bonus points they provided.  Therefore this mod has no
negatives, instead all the traits presented herein start at the base point the original system left off and go up from
there. I am well aware the mod needs balancing but cannot play through even partial games with so many variables to test
so please do leave me feedback on the traits you like, and which ones seem to be overpowered, or underpowered, "Relative
to each other".



(Fix)Changed the Game Start trait to produce uninhabited worlds in home system, as was originally intended.
(Tune)Added the IsAncient Tag to Heirs to the Ancients


(Tune)Changed the Ancient Technologies received by the Heirs to the Ancients to use standard weapon and drive modules.
This means any AI race with this trait will make use of those techs and they will appear on the automated designs.



(Fix) Added restriction on Synthetic races so that you cannot combine Synthetic with Fertile, Farmers, or Speciation.
(Fix) Added all original Race traits to the end of the list, this corrects for an error which prevents editing of
pre-mod races. The old traits are listed at the end and can be accessed by mousing over and scrolling, all old traits
have had their costs set to zero to prevent issues, they are not intended for use with GalDiv but are re-included just
to fix issues some folks have been having. Also I reiterate do NOT upload GalDiv races to the Workshop! Credit goes to Francofx for catching this one.

V1.3 (first major balance pass)
(Tune)Nanonics Ability, Engines -20% mass, Shields -20% mass, Beams -30% mass
(Tune)Natural Diplomats, Diplomacy +2, diplomatic value of traderoutes +25%, diplomatic trade offer bonus +25%
(Tune)Malleable, bonus colonists on colonize +5, bonus planetary quality when obtained +5-10, bonus quality to
homeworld +10-15
(Tune)Psionics, Resistance bonus +25%, traderoute bonus +25%, Influence bonus +10%, Diplomacy +2
(Tune)Handy: -20%/-30%/-40%/-50% reduction to all maintenance costs
(Tune)The Swarm, +10% to Food
(Tune)The Silicoids, removed mining bonuses they were causing crashes, +35% to planetary defense. Credit goes to
Moogle65535 for catching that!
(Tune)Cyborgs, +30% to invasion, +20% to planetary defenses, +20% Food, +75% social manufacturing, +50% miltary manu.
(Tune)AI Collective, +10 to Approval, -50% to maintenance,
(Fix)Changed Automated Production Centers used by AI collective to be colony unique. Credit goes to Moogle65535 for
catching that one!
(Tune)Farmers, reduced food bonuses to +20%/+30%/+40%/+50%
(Tune)Fecund, removed Approval bonuses and lowered food bonuses to +10%/+15%/+20%/+25%
(Tune)Invaders, +20% Planetary Defense
(Tune)Capitalists, +20% trade route value, +20% tourism income, +30% income
(Tune)Tough, reduction to defense mass lowered to -10%/-15%/-20%/-25%
(Tune)Adventuresome, increased bonuses +25%/+50%/+75%/+100%
(Fix)Adjusted all Trade route bonuses to use proper targetype fields as changed in game version 1.1 Hereward_Hills gets all credit for pointing this out!


(Fix) Tolerant Trait costs were using old values, updated to current mod cost schedule. Credit goes to Moogle65535 for catching this!

(Fix) Tuned AI Collective, lowered mass reduction on range modules from 75% reduction to 50% reduction.
(Fix) Tuned multiple settings on Nanonics for balance and to prevent a divide by zero error that was causing crashes
when combined with AI Collective. Mass Reduction: Sensors -40%, Missiles -20%, Ship Range -20%, Ship Engines -30%,
Point Defense -20%, Shields -40%, Beam Weapons -40%. Moogle65535 gets full credit for catching this!


(Fix) Natural Diplomats, bonus to diplomatic trade multiplier changed from Flat to Multiplier.
(Fix) Handy, was adding to maintenance instead of reducing it, this is now fixed.
(Fix) Organized, Was adding to maintenance instead of reducing it, this is now fixed.



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