Altarians: The most aggressive race in the game!

Posted on Sunday, June 28, 2015

Why is it that 90% of the wars I have seen happen so far involve that Altarians? This is what the GalCiv wiki has to say about them: 


"The Altarian Republic is a kind, albeit rather self-righteous civilization whose denizens look remarkably like humans. In fact, genetic tests have proven that they are the same species. (see also Altarian Prophecy.) The Altarians were the first race discovered by the Arcean Empire (The Yor were the second). They were the second race discovered by the Terran Alliance.

The Altarians are extremely religious, the gods they worship each represent a branch of good. Their worship has also led them to want to subdue any evil they encounter. Their levels of worship have also reduced crime on their worlds. Altarians also use face paint around the eyes or tattoos to show their levels in society and in religion. This tradition is also used to show rank in military."

Just RATHER self-righteous? More like utterly fanatical religious theocrats who foam at the mouth at the very sight of somebody whom isn't 100% like they are. Seriously, I don't think I have EVER seen them get along with anybody who is in any way different from them. Most of the time when a war starts, it appears to involve them, and more often than not was also started by them as well. It's getting almost comical, because the game wants me to believe that they are the game's most noble good guy race, and instead they strike me more as some kind of a crazy theocracy bent on world domination.

Are the Altarians actually SUPPOSE to be like this? Are they wad?