Asymmetric Space-Emperor themed 4x on Kickstarter

Posted on Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thought you guys might be interested (note: this isn't my project, although I'm a backer)


The page explains the concept well (excerpt)


Core design choices

1) You are the Emperor not a logistics officer 

you appoint governors, admirals, crush rebels, grant audiences, fend assassination attempts, you do not move individual ships around, you do not build farms on a planet.

2) No micromanagement, epic scale, fast paced 

you control hundreds of planets yet there is no micromanagement and the gameplay progress fast even at a late stage.

3) Asymmetric gameplay 

aliens are truly alien (some see you as food, some are civilized), races are not born equal (tech level, power, etc), different scenarios with drastically different starting conditions (for example: "you start with half galaxy under your control and need to fight rebels instead of aliens")