[1.10] Blueprints not loading any Weapon Augments (Cause Found)

Posted on Thursday, June 25, 2015

So I made a custom blueprint, where a ship gets Rapid Reload without me having to design it myself. I reach the ship design in game, and it gives me the ship, except without Rapid Reload.

I then set the ship's Blueprint so that KineticAugment1 (Rapid Reload) is a required item. Now the ship doesn't appear in game at all.

I set the base game's Frigate-L to not be AI-only so I could use it with my custom faction, and that doesn't appear in game, because KineticAugment1 is a required element in that blueprint.

Yes, I have the technology to make it, because I can tell the game to add the part manually, but if I tell a blueprint to use it, none of them work. I've even started seeing the AI use their AI-only Augmented blueprints, and I know this because of the names and description text, and they don't even have their augments! I'll submit a ticket with save + XMLs tomorrow.