[Mod] AIKickstart75 - A little encouragement for the AI to colonise

Posted on Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I was asked for a fix to the Terran/Thalan problem between turn 30 and 150, but tbh I thought it needed a little more work than that.

I'm going away tomorrow night for a few days so it's only an early day work in progress. Regardless, I thought I'd make it available to all.

I've come up with a few basic but productive changes which help the AI expand faster. The AI seems to establish itself a lot quicker but I haven't been able to test it as much as I'd like. I balanced this for normal, but it should work fine on higher difficulties. It should also work with all map settings except perhaps the smallest as it probably will cause over production there. 

I have no idea if there is any conflict with the opt in 1.1 as I haven't done so.


AIKickstart75 v1.0 for GalCiv3 v1.03

Changes to first 75 turns:

  • Increase time a ship can be idle - AI will no longer decommission their starting colony ship if they cannot see a target planet (for systems with only one planet)
  • Reduced wealth slider setting to 0% until broke
  • Massively increased priority for colony ships
  • AI will no longer build constructors/freighters during the first 20 turns - this also helps prevent new colonies from building expensive durantium refineries immediately upon colonisation
  • If the AI cannot see a target planet for colonisation it will 'bank' military production - currently the AI is not granted 'intuition' until turn 20 (normal difficulty) of planet locations
  • AI encouraged to save money and rushbuy colony ships at turn 21 after 'intuition' granted
  • Greatly increase manufacturing and military sliders at turn 21 for rapid colony ship output

Changes persisting after turn 75:

  • Reduce the AI reaction time in switching strategy when going to war
  • Modify Diplomatic_Strategy_General manufacturing from 10% to 40%, military from 10% to 35%, reduce research from 80% to 50% (These crazy settings were causing the Terran, Thalan, and other diplomatic factions to grind to a halt)
  • Very minor increase in chance to build colony ships/constructors during war
  • Biases for selecting improvements based on planet bonuses removed (AI production sliders are global, without individual colony control planetary bonuses are irrelevant)
  • AI will no longer build tourism/influence (except unique)
  • AI will no longer build defence buildings
  • Minor tweaks to encourage lower quality planets to build more wealth (balanced to work for normal difficulty which currently lacks wealth generation capability without handicap)
  • Planetary build order refined (helps the AI obtain more adjacency bonuses, it's still bad, but bad is better than abysmal)
  • Good quality worlds now have a better chance at building tech/manu capital and hyperion military buildings

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