[Suggestion] Toggleable show all ship movement paths

Posted on Monday, June 22, 2015

Im playing on a large map and find that im having a hard time optimizing my ship building and moving after getting my production of ships started. I have a few radar ships that find multiple planets/resources and then build a few colonizers/constructors and forget which planet/resource i sent colonizers/constructors to making me send multiple constructors/colonizers to the same place something i dont want to do.

What i want and think might help later on aswell is to have movement lines for all my ships/fleets show up when selecting one of my ships/fleets. This way i can see if i have a ship sent to a planet to colonize it or if i have a ship sent to a destination close to an unclaimed resource to build a starbase or not. I realize that this might make the starchart kinda flooded with ship movement lines but having this toggleable should help with that.