Home world Strategy

Posted on Monday, June 22, 2015

Could I get a little advice, please. After playing 3 games past 150 turns, it seems to me that making your home world a manufacturing planet may not be the best strategy. when I specialize, especially active core and desert worlds with their 25%-50% bonus, my home world falls way behind. It seems pointless popping ships out in 6 to 10 turns when the specialty worlds are 1-3. Admittedly, I don't specialize my home world. I balance it.

1) Do any of you recommend specializing the home world right from the start? I understand the need to spit out ships early, but eventually I think it's better served as a research, or even an influence or economic world. 

2) Do any of you simply keep it a balanced world?

3) Do any of you actually make it a science, influence or economic world?

4) What strategy do you use for your home world?


Thanks in advance to any advice anyone offers.