Star Base Upgrades and the Over Discussed Constructor Spam Ideas!!

Posted on Monday, June 22, 2015

First off please keep this post positive and constructive.  Save any criticism for other posts.

There has been a lot of other posts on this and how to keep the game moving with out having to stop and upgrade all star bases and constantly send new constructors to them.

Ideas on upgrading star bases.

  • Create a build list similar to that of a planet.  One could do this in several ways.
    • Allow that list to be applied when the star base is constructed of existing available modules.
    • Allow one to create a general list for different types of star bases (economy, mining, culture, artifact, ect.)
    • Allow one to create a list of all modules to upgrade both available and not so it may be upgraded as they become available.
  • Create a check box to auto upgrade as available modules become available.  
    • What this would do is allow the star base to just build advanced sensors as you research it or other modules as they are unlocked assuming you have constructor modules available.
    • There would have to be an exception for this option if one hasn't selected a star base type yet.


Ideas on preventing constructor spam.

  • First allow star bases to request custom constructor ships.  (I believe this is already planned.)
  • Allow a star base to build it's own constructors.
    • I would add a separate tree for instance the first set may take 10-20 turns for one module.
    • If you upgrade to level 2 engineering than it may cut that time in half and so on.
    • Obviously it would upgrade quicker by just building a constructor and sending it there.
    • Make it so a star base has to reach a certain point before it can build these options.


I would love to hear others suggestions similar to the how to balance carriers post.